Reality Check: Know your role!

Recently, I sat with a client who was planing her daughter’s wedding. In the middle of the consult she complimented me because I seemed to “listen” to her. That took me a bit off guard, because listening to the client is my job – my job is to help make their vision a reality. Anyway, she  went on to say another florist told her what she wanted was essentially “wrong” and the florist tried to change her mind. This obviously didn’t sit well with the mother of the bride.

After she left,  I felt a sense of disappointment with the florist – whose identity was never revealed. I was angered that they made our industry look bad. As a kid I learned, you can’t always design the way you like – in order to be successful you need to do what the customer wants.

Throughout my career I’ve kept that with me and always offer clients advice based on my professional opinion.  I say, “I’ll always offer my advice but ultimately, I’m not walking down the aisle, this is your wedding and the decision is yours”

As event professionals remember, your job is to fulfill your clients vision the best you can. While it may not be your personal style, its not about YOU it’s all about THEM! With that said, honesty is important and sometimes we need to evaluate if we’re the right fit for that client – you never want to compromise your brand but you also never want your brand to suffer because you aren’t willing to listen and design outside your comfort zone.


Author: Michael Derouin

Award-winning, floral industry educator, Michael Derouin's fresh approach to design paired with his natural ability to entertain while teaching, makes his programs fun and informative! He will share some of his favorite tips and techniques that he has learned throughout his career. Michael's design style is best described as Modern Sophistication. Fresh Ideas start here. Whether it be a garden club presentation, hands-on workshop, stage program or consulting - Michael Derouin will custom design an educational experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

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