What is knowledge worth to you?


There is a huge difference between cost and value and people often confuse the two.

In our industry there is no requirement for continuing education, those who choose to further their knowledge and their abilities do so to better themselves – they see the value in investing in their future.  When it comes down to it, education in our industry is so affordable compared to most other professions.

Below are my top 5 favorite non-sensical reasons florists give as to why they don’t participate in industry education events such as expos, classes, workshops, seminars, etc.

“it’s just too expensive”

“50 miles away? thats too far”

“can’t teach me anything I don’t already know”

“the weekend? that’s my only day off”

“I don’t need “letters” to prove anything”

Truthfully, I can go on and on with responses BUT just imagine how different our industry could be if florists stopped complaining and stopped making excuses and concentrated on being the best floral professional they could be?

For those who believe you can never stop learning and who invest in their future through education, I applaud you. There are so many incredible educators throughout our wonderful industry sharing a wealth of knowledge – next time you have the opportunity to learn something seize that opportunity because knowledge in invaluable.







Author: Michael Derouin

Award-winning, floral industry educator, Michael Derouin's fresh approach to design paired with his natural ability to entertain while teaching, makes his programs fun and informative! He will share some of his favorite tips and techniques that he has learned throughout his career. Michael's design style is best described as Modern Sophistication. Fresh Ideas start here. Whether it be a garden club presentation, hands-on workshop, stage program or consulting - Michael Derouin will custom design an educational experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

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